MyGroundBiz is an online portal through which registered customers will be dispatched the latest news and information, vehicle offers, connections with sellers, examples to overcome adversities, and many other important commercial data. It is necessary to know that the access to this account is limited to those associated with FedEx Ground Biz. It is mandatory for each and every user to have a FedEx account with MyGroundBiz online portal.

MyGroundBiz Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at the FAQ section given below. You will get a solution to some of the commonly asked queries on the spot from here:

What is MyGroundBiz official portal?

MyGroundBiz is an online portal for customers who use the services of the FedEx company. This portal helps the customers to track their parcel, to get the latest updates regarding the company, and to get the details regarding the employees of the company.

What options are given on the MyGroundBiz portal?

By registering on the MyGroundBiz portal, customers can get the latest information such as news and data, vehicle deals, dealer connections, examples for dealing with adversity, special data for your company, etc. This portal has been working like magic for the FedEx customers.

How can I register on the official MyGroundBiz portal?

The access of this portal is only available to FedEx Pickup and Deliver (R&D) and Linehaul’s management staff. You need to visit the official website of FedEx at www.buildagroundbiz.com to sign up and create your MyGroundBiz account.

How do I reset my MyGroundBiz account password?

You can reset your account password easily. Have a look at our “Reset Password” section. You will be very much clear regarding resetting the password on the official FedEx portal.

It is easy for the employees and the customers to register on the official portal. Also, FedEx has made sure that this portal is extremely secure for each and every customer to use.